Who are we?

Coyote360 company was founded by Eli Ventura, an eCommerce expert

Eli Ventura first became involved in the world eCommerce world after spending many successful years in sales management. Within his role requirement framework, he effectively managed a wide range of projects from basic sales to a much broader scope of works involving every aspect from meeting clients to devising marketing strategies. His position also required that he oversee the selection, recruitment and training of local managers and sales representatives, together with full project monitoring including sales activity, in order to achieve specified sales targets.

Eli’s first venture into the eCommerce world was eBay, where he gained valuable experience in various online trading procedures, such as drop shipping, arbitrage, and wholesale. He worked with suppliers from Israel, the United States, England, and China, moving goods worth over one million dollars.

At that point, having gained experience of building a successful online business on eBay, Eli extended his activities by moving onto the largest e-commerce platform in the world – Amazon.

There, he established and managed independent private labels that grew in popularity and became leading names in their respective categories both on Amazon and beyond.

The next stop was to establish and manage independent, electronic trading systems based on platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and Woocommerce.

Over the years, Eli has become one of the most established business mentors regarding all things ecommerce for the Israeli public. He has trained thousands of students, who have followed his steps in creating an independent, successful online business based on ecommerce platforms.


In the early years of my business, I did everything mostly by myself.

It was hard for me to let go of certain actions and I wanted to control each and every aspect of the business, from building sales pages, designing the pictures, providing customer service, marketing, and advertising etc.

In a while, I realized that in order to grow, I must surround myself with great professionals who would give me the time to evolve and to grow.

At this point, I recruited my first employee, a personal assistant who lived in the Philippines and at first was responsible solely for customer support at my eBay store.

And that’s when it dawned on me.

Not only I got spare time to deal with bigger and more important issues, my personal assistant managed the customer service issue even better than I did because she specialized in that and only that.

That’s when I realized that in order to perform in the most professional way and have spare time for thinking and evolving the business – I need few more people just like her, who are experts in very specific activities.

And these are the people who lead their spheres at the moment, in Israel and worldwide. Together – we’re the dream team of Coyote360.


Noa Faran

She’s a brilliant content ninja with vast knowledge and experience in the world of marketing writing.

In order to create great content, a few important traits are required: creativity, curiosity, self-expression, and patience. Surprisingly, these traits dominate in Noa’s captivating personality, hence allowing her to be the leading expert in her field – both in Israel and on a worldwide scale.

All it takes is a single phone call to talk to the customer for understanding the nature and the type of writing he needs in order to reach our target audience and sweep it off their feet.


Irit Frank

Irit owns an established and very successful digital marketing agency.

Irit lives and breathes digital marketing, includingsocial media advertising– Facebook, Instagram and Google etc. She’s been actively engaged with it for more than a decade and has become an expert in every aspect of this ever-changing medium.

Irit methodically manages teams of sharp coyotes, who specialize in creating brilliant e-commerce pages. Together they know how to achieve the perfect result, custom-tailored to meet the requirements of any brand.


Niv Levi

An expert e-commerce coyote with absolute knowledge regarding everything eBay and Shopify.

Niv’s superpower is curiosity that drives him further and further, to learn and to seek improvement in trading, or bringing something different and new to the brand he works with.

This advantage, along with a unique personal trait in our field – his patience, are moving him further to explore and navigate in sales pages and the marketing processes, finding creative and groundbreaking solutions to improve the performance.


Tal Ronen

An Instagram expert who knows exactly how to take any brand and turn it into a leading brand.

Her knowledge and experience in analyzing content is expressed in the segmentation of the target audience and the accessibility of the content in Instagram in such a way that each audience will be able to connect to it.

There is no doubt that Instagram is the most important social network for any brand and is the showcase of the brand.


Nufar Yosef

Nofar is the engine that connects all parts of the puzzle of our oiled system.

With many years of experience in management, logistics, administration, supervision and control, she pulls the strings perfectly and makes sure everything works according to plan

Her management and control capabilities enable the system to work optimally and efficiently, allowing us to increase activity from month to month.


Michael Blitshtein

A programmer, graduate of the IDF Maram elite team and a bachelor's degree in computer science, Michael knows how to make magic in every possible code.

The ultimate combination of programming understanding and marketing orientation enables Michael to manage complex campaigns on Facebook and Google and to crack impressive and accurate audiences.

These cracking capabilities enable Michael to understand and analyze the depth of each project, improve and upgrade its performance almost effortlessly - whether in the development of the site or precisely the audiences for marketing.


Zohar Meimis

Zohar has vast experience in the digital marketing world in general and in social networks in particular.

The greatest advantage of Zohar is that she always thinks few steps ahead in terms of marketing. She can see the next marketing step happening before the customer or the competitor know it’s coming.

Her research capabilities help her to reach public opinion leaders from Israel and the world, creating collaborations in the marketing field, which is highly important these days.


Oren Shraiber

Oren had taken major positions in the digital world for the last decade.

From writing brilliant scripts and creating video content for the leading companies in Israel and beyond and up to the managing the creative departments. Oren’s advantage lies in his unique and out-of-the-box thinking that leads him to create the most innovative, creative, living and kicking content. Moreover, this content is always different and highly precise and creates the big break for every brand, leading it to vast exposure in the digital world.


Neta Hadar

A talented and creative graphic designer with vast experience in working with the leading companies of the market.

Neta swims freely in the graphic design world and can see far beyond the visual displays. She manages to create groundbreaking graphic pieces, extending the boundaries of both thinking and execution.

Neta manages a whole team of sharp and highly talented designers who help her to implement her creative ideas quickly and efficiently.